Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why You All Up In My Grill?

For father's day, I decided to create Darren's gifts around the Blackstone Griddle Grill Cooking Station. I did pay $299.00, but then I went back to Lowe's and showed them that Amazon had it for $265.00 and they price matched.  SCORE!
I used my Heidi Swapp light box to create a cute, lit up sigh for Darren, "Dad, Grill Master!"
The gift came complete with EVERYTHING he needed, even adorable hamburger plates from Target.
And matching napkins.
Thank you Bed, Bath, & Beyond for personalizing our kabobs with these College flexible kabobs by Sports Chest. I believe I paid $19.99.
I created my own printable and frame it, titled "Grillin & Chillin'".  I will be including the link, in this post, later today!
One of my favorite finds was this "Grill Station". You can find them all over the internet, especially Amazon, but it must be so popular that Amazon was quoting me TWO months for it to arrive.  I found this online, at Walmart, and had it shipped directly to the store for FREE.
It comes with two trays, one for RAW meat and one for COOKED meat, so you never mix and match the two, contaminating the food you are ingesting. How clever, right?
Of course the new griddle grill needed a cover, to avoid rusting. (Lowe's).
Just grilling' food net/tent.  LOVE THIS.  It keeps the bugs, especially the flies away.  I also got this cool accessory at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  
A nice collection of "rubs" from Williams-Sonoma.  
A "DAD" spatula from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  
I also made this tag and I will be including later for FREE, for your use.  "Dad, you're flippin' awesome!"
Another FAV of mine... a BBQ branding iron! I can't wait to be creative with this thing.  Okay, let's face it, this gift was for me!
The first thing we will spell is "Dad".  You know it!
Above: A BBQ tool hanger from Williams-Sonma.
Below: "Why you all up in my grill!" - t-shirt.  I wish I could insert the laughing or crying emoji here.  
Too, too funny and FUN! Darren was so thankful and we have used the griddle every night since we got it. It has created SUCH a FAMILY FUN affair.  Each night, we cook together as a family.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Father's Day ~ 2017

Ahhhh, I feel like I have begun ALL of my blog posts over the last 6 months this way... I PROMISE I am not giving up on my blog. I am finding it extremely difficult to make the time to sit down and post because there is simply TOO much, ALWAYS, going on.  I want to get caught up on the backlog desperately and I am praying it will happen soon.  In the meantime, thank you for sticking around and enjoying the few monthly posts.  

Father's day around here was very chill.  Darren and I actually went out of town the weekend before, so I was not fully prepared, the way I would like to have been. I asked Darren if I could just cook him a nice dinner and told him we would celebrate him with gifts the following weekend.  He was totally fine with that.  The kids had their own homemade gifts for him as well.  

Ty created the word "DADDY", in Roy G. Biv colors, with dominos.  He woke up extra early to work on it. When his daddy walked down, he released the first domino.
Jax created a "Remember When" wall of fame.  He added just a few things to it and allowed his brother and sister to also add to it.  I thought the things they wrote were so sweet.  One of my favorites, which you can't read because it's in yellow, was Ty's message:
"Dad, remember when you lead us to the Super Bowl two years in a row?"
Lilah created a jar of "I love when" or "I love you because..."
The first thing that Darren pulled out of the jar was, "I love when you tickle me!"
Our day started out by worshiping the Lord.  I always consider my King on Father's Day because our earthly Father's WILL fail us, but our Heavenly Father is so unconditionally loving and perfect.

Our Sunday school just so had it planned for everyone to bring a homemade dish for breakfast. I was actually thankful that we had this planned because I was able to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Darren on Father's Day.  For breakfast, I made Creme Brûlée French Toast and fresh sausage links. After Sunday school, we entered the sanctuary to watch a sweet performance.  The children in our church have made it a tradition to sing to their daddies on Father's Day. They work for several weeks, practicing, two songs.  I decided to stand up in the sound room and capture it on video. Enjoy! 

After church, I planned to make Italian sausage, onions, and peppers. I wanted to personalize it, so I just shaped the sausage into the word dad. Hehe.  I served it on fresh pretzel rolls from the Fresh Market.  YUM!
We spent a nice portion of the afternoon at the pool.  Just relaxing.  When we got back, we captures our traditional and funny photo of Darren and the kids smooshing their faces up against the window.  It's our "fascinating pandemonium or beautiful chaos".  LOL! I have been relying TOO much on my iPhone camera, instead of my amazing T6i, so this year's photo is slightly grainy, but it's still so hysterical. They will NEVER beat the first captured, smooshed faced photo though.

Then, we created Darren with MORE food.  The "starter" was shrimp cocktail, served in a "Best Dad Ever" cup. I made him homemade ribs, smashed potatoes, Cesar salad, and garlic knots.  YUM! As they say, "Food is the key to a man's heart!" If that's true, then I sure did complete his Father's Day.  LOL! Wouldn't you agree? Stay tuned soon (I hope) for we decided to purchase for him for Father's Day! He will receive his gifts probably Saturday!
"Daddy's" was served on real plates, but he was already chowing down BEFORE I could snag a photo.  I just chose to eat off of paper plates to make clean up easy peasy.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Daily Responsiblities!

Welcome to "La Casa De Bolling". Haha. It's not quite the hotel my kids probably wish to stay at, but they could always choose to find a new home!? Seriously, my kids actually LOVE this and were asking, actually begging for it as soon as school let out. Everyday, I slip our scripture passage for the week AND daily responsibilities underneath their bedroom door. When they wake up, they each know what is expected of them. We all thrive off of structure and routine in our house. Besides, life is NOT about staying in your pajamas all day long. You saw the "Bored" sheet and scripture sheet yesterday... Today, I finished their chore list for MONDAY! Like what you see? I inserted a template for you to use and fill in for your own kids.  

Below: First up, Ty's chore list.  Each shape earns each child 30 minutes of electronics time. If they complain or do the "shape" incorrectly, then no electronic time is earned.  The "BORED" spot earns them ONE hour of electronic time.  WOW!!!!  The "bonus chore" earns them 15 extra minutes of electronics OR a cash reward at the end of the week.
The below template is for ME to use daily/weekly.  I will just add to the diamond daily/weekly, but everything else will always remain the same.  
Jax's Monday chores... I have since added brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and devotional to the sheet because I failed to do so on these.  
Lilah's Monday chores... I have since added brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and devotional to the sheet because I failed to do so on these.   
The below template is FOR YOU! Fill in the blanks, using your own pretty handwriting OR insert a text box and type it in.  
I started doing this two Summers ago when I realized how long the days were and how much room there is for boredom and arguing to set in. We did start a new addition titled "BORED"? Today is the first official day we started this for Summer 2017. We have a little bit of kinks to work out.  One, in our home, are staying positive and working hard to get ALL of the above done, therefore "banking" their electronic time to be used at the end of the day.   One has rushed through it and missed things on their list or have had to redo things on their list, creating tears and frustration. And one is taking it in strides, completing ONE shape at a time and choosing to use their reward immediately.  Each day will look different because somedays we will have plans or we will be going to the gym.  Deep breaths, lots of prayer, and loads of patience will be necessary to get through this. LOL!  It's spelled out clearly, but it will not always be completed with JOY, obedience, and thoroughly, making mommy ask for a redo.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

God's Word...

Along with our boredom acronym, our family will be studying God's word.  Our months, weeks, days, and even down to our minutes need to include the Lord's guidance and instruction.  Without it, we would would most definitely lead ourselves down a trail of destruction.  I picked our first Summer passage a few weeks back.  After studying it myself, I thought it sounded like a perfect passage for us to do together. I added Proverbs 15: 1-5 to a cute watermelon template.  I think it will entice my children to desire look at it more than if I had just hand written it or typed it/printed it on a plain sheet of paper.