Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Myrtle Beach Day 4 ~ Spring Break 2017

On our last and final day, my hubby offered to take the kids to the pool while I explored Myrtle Beach's Hobby Lobby! Oh man... I put a major dent in our checking account there.  I spent well over $350 between decorations for Jax's new sports room, Mrs. Green's baby shower, and this amazing and ever so cool letter board by Heidi Swapp, which is WHY I set out to go to Hobby Lobby.  It's QUITE prices, but it's just too cool not to have for someone like me.  ABOVE: I made my favorite hashtag that I wish I could trademark, "Every little thing is a BIG deal!" If you look it up on Instagram, I am the ONLY person who has used it minus ONE post.  
I bought EVERYTHING that Hobby Lobby offered. I cannot wait to get more.  
I picked up Mission BBQ AND starbucks and met my family at the pool afterwards.
Later, we dressed up and headed to do a little unique shopping at World Market and then we stopped in Toys R Us to buy a laser tag gun kit that Jax saw on a commercial and wanted.  FYI, reason #3,201,564 WHY NOT having cable is wise.  We don't have cable at home, but we do have it at the beach.  I forget how enticing those commercials are.  LOL!  Jax had a gift card, so he chose to spend it on this item.
Our view at dinner was simply beautiful.  
We began our trip with a sunrise and we ended our trip with a sunset.  
I love seeing God's creation in action.
After we finished shopping, we went to Barefoot's Landing to eat.  Then we walked the shops.  
When we were through, we came home.  I packed up our suitcases and Darren snuggled with Liley playing a good 45 minutes of hangman on her boogie board.
The next morning, I woke quietly to clean our condo and snapped the below photo.  Too cute and funny! They sleep so good at the beach.  Don't we all.
On the way home, I grocery shopped from the front seat of my vehicle, while Darren drove.  I was ready to face MONDAY!
It's also a total joy to get away with the family.  We are so blessed to have a beach condo to call our own.  It's a gift and is cherished by every single one of us.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Myrtle Beach Day 3 ~ Spring Break 2017

On day three of our Myrtle Beach, Spring Break trip, our kiddos woke up and worked so nicely together on a pirate "dig" that they won, at the Ultimate California Pizza & Games, the night before.  Then, we laid out by the pool most of the day. 
I mean seriously... does it get ANY MORE Diva-like?
While I finished getting ready for dinner, I caught these two dancing!  LOL!  I love my sweet family.
Later that evening, we dressed up to go to one of top 3 restaurants in Myrtle Beach...Villa Romano's.
We always LOVE to go there because the FOOD, the service, AND the atmosphere/entertainment is so enjoyable!

After dinner, we tried out a NEW race track! It's three levels.  
The kids had a BLAST and won over 4,500 tickets at the arcade.  LOL!  

Friday, May 5, 2017

Music Behind The Magic Of Disney!

Tyson's FIRST year of middle school is ALMOST over.  It's so hard to believe.  This year, Ty dropped his first middle school elective, business, to try choir.  He was coerced by his buddies Gabe and Cooper and took the peer pressure! Lol!  Darren and I were not really on board, but we allowed him to make this decision for himself. If he wound up regretting it and complained, then we would have much more influence and say about changes he would try and make in the future.  SO far, he hasn't complained and seems to be enjoying it.  I think he is just happy to be with his best friends.  
The choir was performance was called, "Music Behind The Magic Of Disney". The choir teacher, Mrs. Terry Haynie did a fabulous job conducting this young ladies and gents.  Above: We watched some of our friends' children perform to "I believe".  Below: "God Help The Outkast!"
The first song that Ty performed in was "The Bare Necessities" from Jungle book!
The second song Ty performed in was, "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat!" The craziest thing to me is that Lilah is about to perform in her May recital and one of her performances is to this song as well.  So funny!
This was one of our family's favorite songs, "That's How You Know!"
At the end of the song, Mrs. Haynie's husband brought her flowers.  Apparently, that was designed and planned by two students: Cami and Ella.  Hehe.  So clever.
You can see her face of shock, joy, and appreciation here.  
The seniors was serenaded to "You'll Be In My Heart Forever!"
Chynna is someone you have seen on my blog before.  She is graduation this year.
It was hard to capture this performance.  It was in the dark:"If I didn't Have You.
I loved how colorful this performance was: "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride."
I love the below pic of Cami.  So cute.
I enjoy watching anything my children perform in.  Darren isn't THRILLED about Ty being in the choir, but ... he's a great daddy and went to support Ty anyway.  He picks on him at least once a day for being in choir.  Hehe.  Ty is 1 of 3 boys in the entire 6th grade that is in choir. We got home sooooooooo late.  I was so exhausted this morning, but I am glad that we were able to attend this lovely performance.